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What we are about and where we are:,  Our goal is to find and fill those gaps that are left after a child comes into care.   We are doing this by providing clothing as well as hygiene products.   We are also working to provide extras to children as well as their foster parents with gift cards and various other gifting programs as money allows. These are only the first steps, there are many more programs to come.   We are serving Allen, Adams, Wells, Huntington, Whitley, Noble, Dekalb, Lagrange, and Steuben.

Our board of directors gives us the accountability that our donors and sponsors deserve.  We want to be good stewards of the resources that we are given.  We can’t say enough about the board members, they are a very diverse and experienced/dedicated bunch. We couldn’t be more pleased and blessed. We have foster children and you in mind in every step we take.  Please do your own due diligence to make the right decision for you.

At some point in time we would like to have a place of our own. This of course brings its own needs. We are presently seeking something on the NE side of Fort Wayne. We are looking for a sponsor or  a donor to fill this need.  
We have had many generous monetary donations over the past few years, however we are in need of a grant writer to further our goals and grow.   We want Fostering Hope for Children Inc. (FHC)  to be a catalyst for those that would like to help a foster child but  haven’t been able to in the past because they lacked an opportunity. 

It is our fondest wish to involve you and others so that these children and caregivers are served in the manner they deserve with respect and dignity.  Please allow us to help you help them. We want to thank you in advance for your generosity.

Fostering Hope for Children Inc.

Jer. 29:11

Executive Directors:

Juliette Smith: Founder

Andrew Smith: CoFounder

Board of Directors:

Ashley Hand


Bob Harvey

Hi, I am Juliette.  My husband, Andrew and I wanted to do something to help foster children, foster parents and children in need.  We had been foster parents for over 12 years and we had more than 60 children go thru our home. We have 9 children, 3 adopted thru the foster system.  We also have  12 beautiful grandchildren!!  Just had to throw that in!!  ūüôā 

We are committed to helping foster children and foster parents.

At Beckman and Lawson LLC Ashley represents mothers and fathers regarding divorces, paternity, child custody, child support, parenting time, relocation, emancipation,¬†and a variety of other family law issues.¬†¬† Ashley is a member of the family law section and the new lawyers section of the Allen County Bar Association. Ashley has served as a¬†volunteer at Erin‚Äôs House for Grieving Children since 2009. She is also¬†a member of the Modest Means committee, which established a program for reduced rate legal services for family law cases in Allen County, Indiana. Ashley has served as the co-chair for the New Lawyers section of the Allen County Bar Association. She also serves on the board of directors for the Fort Wayne Derby Girls.¬† Ashley has a Bachelor of Arts in political science,¬†cum laude, Indiana University‚ÄďPurdue University, Fort Wayne
J.D., Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis, top 20% of her class.  Ashley was a foster parent for five years and adopted two foster children.  Ashley understands first-hand the importance of providing foster children with basic needs when they enter foster care.

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